Chilkat v9.3.1 Release Notes

Chilkat v9.3.1 is in the process of being released this week. The release notes (below) detail the changes, fixes, new features, etc. regarding the new version. All Added a free supporting CkDateTime object for date/time functionality. The use of SYSTEMTIME will become deprecated in favor of methods that instead return a CkDateTime object. More information about this will be added […]

Auto-release Pools and Background Threads

Regarding Objective-C programming for MAC OS X and IOS: (from ) Cocoa always expects there to be an autorelease pool available. If a pool is not available, autoreleased objects do not get released and your application leaks memory. If you send an autorelease message when a pool is not available, Cocoa logs a suitable error message. The AppKit and […]

Linking “C” Programs with the Chilkat C/C++ Libs

The Chilkat C/C++ libs are (internally) written in C++.  Therefore, when linking a “C” program with the Chilkat libs, the C++ runtime libs must be included.  This is true regardless of the operating system, whether it be Windows, MAC OS X, IOS, Linux, etc.    Different build environments will have different ways of accomplishing the task.  For example, with XCode (on […]