Email “Received” Headers

When an email is sent, it should contain no “Received” header fields. Each time the email is processed by a mail server along the delivery route, a new Received header field is prepended to the email. The very first Received header is added by the SMTP server that the SMTP client (such as your app or a program such as […]

v9.4.1.44 Added Http.AwsEndpoint Property

The AwsEndpoint property is the regional endpoint (domain) to be used for Amazon S3 method calls. The default value is “”. This can be set to any valid Amazon S3 endpoint, such as “”, or the endpoints for S3-API compatible services from other different providers. This is a pre-release feature. Pre-release builds are made available upon request ( Please make […]

v9.4.1.43 Fixed FTP2 XCRC Problem

Fixed an FTP2 XCRC issue. If the AutoXcrc property was turned on, Chilkat FTP2 was not computing the CRC of the local file (or data) uploaded to the server. This caused the CRC comparison to fail after the XCRC command was issued. Note: This fix only applies when using AutoXcrc in conjunction with a server that actually supports XCRC. This […]

Chilkat 64-bit DLL for Delphi XE4 Now Available.

The 64-bit build of the Chilkat DLL for Delphi XE4 has been added to the v9.4.1 SP1 distribution. See The 32-bit DLL is named ChilkatDelphiXE.dll and is valid for Delphi XE2, XE3, and XE4  (and will likely be valid for future Delphi releases). The 64-bit DLL is named ChilkatDelphiXE4.dll and is valid for both Delphi XE3 and XE4. The […]

Chilkat v9.4.1 SP1 Release

The Chilkat v9.4.1 SP1 Release (August 2013) contains the following fixes. Note: The versions and dates in the following list are the pre-release versions and the date the pre-release was provided to a customer that reported the problem. The version is what is found in the “Version” property of a Chilkat object/class., 15-Aug-2013, SP1 Release, 14-Aug-2013, Mime.AddDetachedSignature, AddDetachedSignature2 […]

Helpful Hints for Monitoring Progress in iOS Applications

This is some advice from an iOS application developer using Chilkat FTP2.  It is about monitoring the progress of an FTP upload or download, but it’s a technique that can be considered for updating the UI for any long-running operation that provides percent-done event callbacks: “It took me a while to avoid all the problems with updating the progress window […]

Chilkat v9.4.1 Release Notes

(MailMan) Added GetSentToEmailAddrs method (for information about any new methods or properties, see the online reference documentation). (MailMan) The GetBadEmailAddrs will not accumulate email addresses between mail-sending method calls.  The returned StringArray object will only contain the invalid email addresses from the most recent mail-sending method call. (C++) Most of the C++ header files (.h) are no longer hand-written. They […]

Chilkat C++ API Lowercase Methods Returning “const char *”

In any Chilkat C++ class, there are two alternatives for methods that return a string, and for string properties. The first alternative is to return the string in an output-only “CkString &” in the final argument. The second alternative is to return a “const char *” directly. For example, the CkSFtp class has the following: // A property named “HostKeyFingerprint” […]