Chilkat Charsets (Character Encodings) Supported

In many places in the Chilkat API, there are properties or method arguments for a charset (also known as character encoding).  All acceptable and supported charset names are listed here.  (The vast majority are likely almost never used.) Before we list the names and the corresponding code pages, there are a few special values. “ansi” is a string that can […]

Chilkat v9.5.0.52 – Asynchronous for all Classes in all Programming Languages

Starting in Chilkat v9.5.0.52, asynchronous capability is added across all classes and all programming languages. The new Task and TaskChain classes have been added. To Beta test, send email to Please specify the programming language, operating system, etc. that is needed. The online reference documentation has been updated. Examples will be forthcoming. Version will be released later this […]

v9.5.0.51 Micro Update: New Features, Fixes, Changes, etc.

Scp: Added the Scp class (CkScp, Chilkat.Scp, CkoScp, etc.) for SSH Secure Copy.  The Scp class is included as part of the SSH/SFTP license. Hashtable: Added the Hashtable class (CkHashtable, Chilkat.Hashtable, CkoHashtable, etc.)   This is a freeware supporting/utility class.  Chilkat understands that more complete Hashtable implementations may be available in specific programming language environments.  However, there are some environments with […]