Getting OAuth2 Token in Desktop App vs. Web App

Question: I have done some Dataflex development for the UK ‘Making Tax Digital’ functions that require oAuth2 authorisation. I’ve used your example code for the Windows work but I now need to get this working for a Dataflex Web based version. That communication part will all take place from the Web server. Any pointers on how to get oAuth to […]

GMail “Allow Access for Less Secured Apps”

Question: I created a Gmail account and I am SendEmailAsync to send email via that Gmail account through a VB6 program. I had to turn on “allow access for less secured apps” for that Gmail account but otherwise, I am able to get everything working. However, after some weeks of inactivity, Google would automatically turn disable access for less secured […]

Working with Huge (Extremely Large) JSON Files

Question: I am using the following calls in Visual FoxPro with Chilkat_9_5_0.JsonObject ( and the resulting JSON is writing only {} oChilkatJson=Createobject(‘Chilkat_9_5_0.JsonObject’) oChilkatJson.LoadFile(“pathToLargeJSONFile”) oChilkatJson.EmitCompact=1 =STRTOFILE(oChilkatJson.Emit(),pathToOutputFile) Original Size of JSON: 259 MB (271,982,395 bytes) New JSON outputs as: {} I could use the​ to read and write each JSON property/object to memory and perform the one EMIT() a the end, I would think it would […]

Generated Code for XAdES Signing Certificates

Question: I am user of your component and I have problem with signing XML files. I got (invalid) ds:Signature with same not replaced text “TO BE GENERATED BY CHILKAT” in tree node (SigningCertificate|xades:Cert[1] and SigningCertificate|xades:Cert[2]) The SigningCertificate|xades:Cert[0] is valid. … CkXml object1; object1.put_Tag(“xades:QualifyingProperties”); object1.AddAttribute(“xmlns:xades”,””); object1.AddAttribute(“xmlns:xades141″,””); object1.AddAttribute(“Target”,”#xmldsig-0d264d45-0a6a-4431-8e74-35463a71756c”); object1.UpdateAttrAt(“xades:SignedProperties”,true,”Id”,”xmldsig-0d264d45-0a6a-4431-8e74-35463a71756c-signedprops”); object1.UpdateChildContent(“xades:SignedProperties|xades:SignedSignatureProperties|xades:SigningTime”,”TO BE GENERATED BY CHILKAT”); object1.UpdateAttrAt(“xades:SignedProperties|xades:SignedSignatureProperties|xades:SigningCertificate|xades:Cert|xades:CertDigest|ds:DigestMethod”,true,”Algorithm”,”″); object1.UpdateChildContent(“xades:SignedProperties|xades:SignedSignatureProperties|xades:SigningCertificate|xades:Cert|xades:CertDigest|ds:DigestValue”,”TO BE GENERATED BY CHILKAT”); object1.UpdateChildContent(“xades:SignedProperties|xades:SignedSignatureProperties|xades:SigningCertificate|xades:Cert|xades:IssuerSerial|ds:X509IssuerName”,”TO BE […]

Generating Code to Create XMP XML

The Chilkat Xmp class provides the abililty to insert/update/remove/extract XMP metadata from JPEG and TIFF image files.  In addition, the XMP API provides helper methods to make it easier to construct XML according to XMP specifications.  These methods are usually sufficient, but may lack flexibility to create more complex XMP metadata.  An alternative approach is to use Chilkat’s online code […]

Solved: Unable to load ‘chilkatDnCore-9_5_0’ or one of its dependencies in Azure functions

Problem: I was using Chilkat to sign xml messages, very similar to one of your examples: The code was deployed as an Azure V2 function written in .Net Core 2.2 It worked without problems for months, but then after one deploy last week it started crashing on the line: new Chilkat.Global().UnlockBundle(ChilkatKey); It works locally, and only fails in production […]

Q/A 11-Nov-2019 (Thread Safety)

Question: We have a desktop application(client) that can communicate to many devices(servers) at the same time. A different thread pool is used for each device communication, so they do not block each other or the main thread. Because of the issue earlier, I am using the same http object for all communications. Most of the requests are very quick (~ […]