Chilkat 16-April-2022

Problem Report: Sending Signed Email with an Attachment A user reported a problem where sending digitally signed email works fine for emails with no attachments, but verification on the receiving end failed for emails with attachments.  Chilkat tried the same, but (of course) everything worked for us. (The problem turned out to be a user-error, i.e. not a problem in […]

Chilkat 13-April-2022 – OAuth2 authentication for desktop apps.

  OAuth2 authentication for desktop apps. Many developers don’t realize that the Chilkat OAuth2 class is for desktop applications.  Doing OAuth2 in a web application (where your code runs on a web server) is relatively easy and does not require Chilkat (although Chilkat can be used to assist with some mundane tasks).  Working/live examples are provided on the Chilkat Tools […]

Chilkat v9.5.0.90 Release Notes

Previous Version: Next Version: Chilkat v9.5.0.90 Release Notes XmlDSigGen:  Added the AddObjectRef2 and AddSameDocRef2 methods to allow for a more precise specification of the transforms to be applied when signing. XmlDSigGen: Added the ability to include an EncapsulatedTimeStamp when signing. The SetTsa method was added to provide the URL for the timestamping authority. XmlDSig: Added the ability to […]