C# Streaming Decompression Example (from System.IO.Stream –> System.IO.Stream)

// Streaming decompression from System.IO.Stream --> System.IO.Stream

// In this example, the source and sink streams are files.
// However, they can be any type of System.IO.Stream, such as a System.Net.Sockets.NetworkStream
System.IO.FileStream fsSource = File.OpenRead("qa_data/image.compressed");
Chilkat.StreamConnector scSource = new Chilkat.StreamConnector();

System.IO.FileStream fsSink = File.OpenWrite("qa_data/image.bmp");
Chilkat.StreamConnector scSink = new Chilkat.StreamConnector();

Chilkat.Compression compress = new Chilkat.Compression();
compress.Algorithm = "deflate";

// Create a Chilkat.Stream object, and set the source/sink to the System.IO.Stream objects.
Chilkat.Stream stream = new Chilkat.Stream();
scSource.SetAsSource(fsSource, stream);
scSink.SetAsSink(fsSink, stream);

// Do the streaming decompress -- reading from fsSource and writing to fsSink
bool success = compress.DecompressStream(stream);