Chilkat 9.1.0 Release Notes

  • HTTP:  Fixed problem with setting Content-Type header in HTTP POST to text/namevalue (which is required for POSTs to  The POST body was URL encoded when it shouldn’t have been.  When sending namevalue POSTs to payflowpro, be sure to specify the content-type in the HTTP request object:  requestObject.AddHeader(“content-type”,”text/namevalue”)
  • SSH / SFTP: For AuthenticatePw, if the server’s authentication is keyboard-interactive
    and it fails because a password change has been requested, then the PasswordChangeRequested property will be set to true.  The AuthenticatePw method
    should be re-called with a password having the form “|oldPassword|newPassword|”.  (Vertical bar characters delimit the old and new passwords.)
  • RSA: Fixed problem with 768-bit RSA keys w/ encoding/decoding to XML format.
  • General: (may apply to Email, MIME, RSA, Crypt, etc.)  Fixed internal ASN.1 parsing issue with decoding a sequence using the indefinite length encoding.
  • MIME, Email, IMAP, Crypt: Added new methods:  AddPfxSourceFile and AddPfxSourceData to allow for any number of PFX files to be searched for required certificates and private keys when signing, encrypting, decrypting, etc.
  • Email: Added methods for creating DSN’s and MDN’s:  CreateDsn, CreateMdn.
  • SshTunnel: Added SshTunnel.ListenPort for listening at port 0 and letting the bind automatically allocate a port number.
  • Socket: Added the ability to listen at port 0
    and then get the allocated port number via the LocalPort property.
  • XML: Added “/A/tag,attrName,attrValuePattern” to the ChilkatPath method.  Allows for navigation to a node having a specified tag and also an attribute w/ value matching a pattern.
  • Cert: Added the SetPrivateKey method to simplify using a separate private key with a certificate.  The LinkPrivateKey method is only required if the private key is located in the Windows Protected Store and not directly accessible.
  • HTTP: Fixed HttpRequest.AddParam so that multiple params with the same name may be added.
  • CertStore: Fixed the CreateFileStore method.
  • HTTP: Added HttpRequest methods to allow the content-type to be specified for uploads:  AddFileForUpload2, AddBytesForUpload2, AddStringForUpload2.
  • Email: Added Email.SigningHashAlg property, which can be set to “sha1”, “sha256”, etc.  The Chilkat CSP object is not usually needed anymore.
  • RSA, Crypt, etc. Fixed parsing/decryption of AES-128-CBC encryption for PEM files.
  • Email, MIME: Added Pkcs7EncryptAlg, Pkcs7KeyLength properties.  These properties control the public-key encryption algorithms and key length without the need for using the Chilkat CSP object.
  • HTTP: Added Http.AddQuickHeader and Http.RemoveQuickHeader methods.  It can be used to add custom headers (or delete default headers) for any of the HTTP methods beginning with “Quick” such as QuickGetStr, or any of the Download methods.
  • Note about Google XOAUTH for IMAP: If your application can calculate the XOAUTH data, it may authenticate by calling SendRawCommand(“AUTHORIZE XOAUTH <base64Data>”)
  • MailMan/POP3: Added the Pop3Stls property for explicit TLS.
  • MIME: Added the GetHeaderFieldAttribute method.
  • HTTP: Fixed problem with automatically following redirects to external domains.
  • MHT: Fixed AbortCheck event callbacks (they were not getting called).
  • Self-Extracting EXE: Removed -url option from standard build (to reduce size…)
  • Socket: Fixed Socket ReceiveUntilMatch w.r.t. certain situations with non-usascii characters.
  • Mailman/POP3: Will Auto-retry POP3 connect/login w/ STLS if “-ERR this server requires SSL/TLS protection” is received.
  • DKIM: Added new methods:  LoadDomainKeyPkBytes and LoadDkimPkBytes.
  • Zip: May now pass “*” to RemoveNoCompressExtension to remove all no-compress extensions.
  • MIME: Added GetSignatureSigningTime and HasSignatureSigningTime methods.
  • TAR: Fixed problem in UntarFirstMatchingToMemory.
  • MHT: Fixed problems involving HTTP redirects to different domains.
  • FTP: Fixed PutTree problems specific to WS_FTP servers.
  • Zip: Fixed Zip.AppendOneFileOrDir for the case when the argument is a single directory with no files.
  • HTML-to-XML/Text: Fixes for properly handling unclosed TR and TD tags.
  • Cert/CSP ActiveX only: Moved ChilkatCSP to ChilkatCert.dll from ChilkatUtil.dll
    Use of the CSP object should be avoided if possible.  It is replaced with properties
    such as Pkcs7CryptAlg, Pkcs7KeyLength, SigningHashAlg.   (The CSP should only be used when necessary, such as with hardware tokens or smartcards.)
  • MHT: Fixed problem w/ internal infinite loop if unclosed <iframe> tag was encountered.
  • MIME: Mime.SetBodyFromPlainText, SetBodyFromHtml, and SetBodyFromXml have more precise definitions and behaviors.  See the reference documentation.
  • Zip: Fixed multi-threaded problem regarding temp files.
  • Cert: Added the SelfSigned property (read-only)  to know whether a certificate is self-signed or not.
  • IMAP: PeekMode property was being reset when re-connecting or re-selecting a mailbox.  This was fixed.
  • SMTPQ: Will now avoid retrying for failure cases where a retry would never succeed.
  • FTP2: Added UploadRate and DownloadRate event callbacks.
  • Zip/Self-Extracting EXE Note: Prior to calling WriteExe, call  SetExeConfigParam(“Cleanup”,”1″) to create an EXE that will cleanup files after finished.
  • SSH/SFTP: Added the AuthenticatePwPk method to support password + public-key authentication.
  • SFTP: Fixed problems with uploading large files where the upload could possibly get stuck and timeout.
  • Email Object: The Email.UnwrapSecurity method has been removed.  When an email object loads MIME via the LoadEml method, or by calling SetFromMimeText, or when it is loaded internally by the MailMan/IMAP objects when receiving email from a server, the MIME is decomposed and stored in an internal email object model.  Because the MIME is decomposed, it is at this point that all signatures (if present) must be verified because the MIME is no longer available in its original form.  Therefore, it is not possible to unwrap the security layers at a later time.  The results of signature verification and/or decryption are available in the email object properties:  ReceivedSigned, ReceivedEncrypted, SignaturesValid, Decrypted, and by methods:  GetSignedByCert, GetEncryptedByCert, etc.Note: This only applies to the Chilkat.Email object, not the Chilkat.Mime object.
  • MailMan/Imap: The AutoUnwrapSecurity property must always be true, therefore it is being removed.
  • MailMan: Removed the AutoSaveCerts property.
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