Support for Cryptographic card cryptoCertum 3.5

Chilkat recently added support for the cryptoCertum 3.5 smartcard (and also for cryptoCertum3, and cryptoCertum3.2). At the time of this writing (13-July-2022), the support is available in a pre-release of the next version of Chilkat (v9.5.0.92) We have it working on Windows, but should also be able to get it working on Linux and MacOS.    

Deprecation of Basic authentication in Exchange Online

Microsoft is deprecating Basic authentication in Exchange Online, as announced here: “This decision requires customers to move from apps that use basic authentication to apps that use Modern authentication. Modern authentication (OAuth 2.0 token-based authorization) has many benefits and improvements that help mitigate the issues in basic authentication. For example, OAuth access tokens have a limited usable lifetime, and […]

SSH/SFTP Public Key Authentication Fails w/ DSA Key and OpenSSH Server

If SSH public key authentication fails when using a DSA private key, it may be that the SSH server disallows using DSA private keys. If the contents of the Chilkat LastErrorText for methods AuthenticatePk or AuthenticatePwPk contains the following, then this could be the cause of the error: … Sent public-key request. AuthList: publickey,password Proceeding with publickey authentication… dssSigLen: 40 […]

Error: OLE error code 0x80020006 Unknown name

If your code using the ActiveX generates the error “Error: OLE error code 0x80020006  Unknown name”, it means no method or property with the given name exists.  Check the Chilkat online reference documentation for the ActiveX to see if the method or property actually exists. Here’s a sample error (in Italian) using FoxPro:    

Error: This operation is not supported with BTT enabled

I haven’t seen this error before.  A Chilkat user reported it, and then quickly found the answer: When trying to Create the Chilkat_9_5_0.http object with this example: , there’s a message that the ActiveX Component can’t create it, because “System:  This operation is not supported with BTT enabled.” The cause of the problem had to do with a 32-bit/64-bit […]

New Security Measures taken by Google concerning “Loopback IP Adresses” or “OAuth out-of-band (oob)”

Question:  I would like to know if Chilkat is affected by the new security measures taken by Google concerning “Loopback IP Adresses” or “OAuth out-of-band (oob)” Answer:   Chilkat does not use “oob”, so it’s not an issue. The loopback address, such as “http://localhost:port/”, remains valid if you define your app in the Google Developers Console as a “Desktop […]

Classic ASP to Read JSON Request Body and Write JSON Response

Here’s a Classic ASP example using Chilkat to read an incoming JSON request body (such as from a POST), load it into a Chilkat JsonObject, and then write the JSON to an application/json response: <% If Request.TotalBytes > 0 Then ‘ Read the JSON request body into a Chilkat BinData object. set bd = Server.CreateObject(“Chilkat_9_5_0.BinData”) bd.AppendBinary(Request.BinaryRead(Request.TotalBytes)) ‘ Load a Chilkat […]

XML Signature Id attribute

In Chilkat v9.5.0.90, the Id attribute is automatically generated and added to the “Signature” tag when an XML digital signature is created.  This results in a Signature that begins like this: <Signature xmlns=”” Id=”signature-1502-9002-7096-7873″> Why did Chilkat do this?  It is because if you or somebody else wishes to subsequently add an Encapsulated Timestamp to the signature, then the Id […]

How to Know a PDF is Corrupt

Open a PDF in Adobe Acrobat DC.  Then without doing anything else, close the PDF. Does Acrobat ask to save changes even though you made no changes? If so, then it means that Acrobat auto-fixed a corrupt PDF.

Failed to read beginning of SSL/TLS record – can be caused by External Firewall

The following error was recently reported: … Connecting to POP3 server hostname: port: 995 tls: True connectTimeoutMs: 30000 isInSshTunnel: 0 socket2Connect: connect2: connectImplicitSsl: clientHandshake: clientHandshake2: readHandshakeMessages: WindowsError: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. WindowsErrorCode: 0x2746 maxToReceive: 5 Failed to receive data on the TCP socket Failed to read beginning of SSL/TLS record. b: 0 dbSize: […]