SMTP SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding)

ASP: SMTP SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding) SQL Server: SMTP SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding) C#: SMTP SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding) C++: SMTP SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding) MFC: SMTP SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding) C: SMTP SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding) Delphi: SMTP SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding) Visual FoxPro: SMTP SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding) Java: SMTP SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding) Perl: SMTP SSH Tunneling […]

IMAP SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding)

ASP: IMAP SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding) SQL Server: IMAP SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding) C#: IMAP SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding) C++: IMAP SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding) MFC: IMAP SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding) C: IMAP SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding) Delphi: IMAP SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding) Visual FoxPro: IMAP SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding) Java: IMAP SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding) Perl: IMAP SSH Tunneling […]

POP3 Headers and Attachment Info

The POP3 protocol is not very feature rich. To download an email “header” the POP3 client must issue a “TOP” command. The following text is from RFC 1939 and describes the response to the TOP command: … After the initial +OK, the POP3 server sends the headers of the message, the blank line separating the headers from the body, and […]

Release Notes for 3-November-2008 Update

New versions of most Chilkat components were released on 3-November-2008. This blog post lists the major changes and new features. For those components with no apparent changes, minor new versions are released to take advantage of any underlying improvements in the internal (Chilkat) libs that form the base of all Chilkat products. New Products, Features, and Fixes Chilkat SSH / […]

Diffie-Hellman Random Number Generation

Question: (Regarding the Chilkat Diffie-Hellman Component/Library) If it is possible, we´d like to know what algorithm is used to generate random numbers because one of our clients is very strict with security and they demand us this information. Answer: The most difficult problem in implementing a good random number generator is in generating a good seed value for a starting […]

GZip Inflate/Deflate vs Compress/Uncompress clarification

In a nutshell, a GZIP file consists of a header followed by compressed data (using the “deflate” compression algorithm), followed by a trailer. The GZIP file format is specified here: GZIP file format. The Chilkat GZip component’s Compress* and Uncompress* methods read and write the GZIP file format. Data passed to an Uncompress* method should contain the header, compressed data, […]

HTML-to-XML Conversion: DropTagType clarification.

Question: I instantiated the HtmlToXml component correctly but the DropTagType method did not drop the HTML tags as I expected: Htmltoxml.DropTagType(“span font p I”) Htmltoxml.DropTagType(“<span> <font> <p> <I>”) Answer: Call DropTagType once for each type of tag to be dropped (i.e. discarded) from the output. The tag string is case-insensitive: Htmltoxml.DropTagType(“span”) Htmltoxml.DropTagType(“i”) Htmltoxml.DropTagType(“p”) Htmltoxml.DropTagType(“font”)

Mail not sent when SendEmail returns success?

Question: Looks to me like sendmail is returning true before the message has been sent but I’m sure you’ll tell me that there is no way this can happen… Answer: The SendEmail method returned true after the email was successfully handed over to the SMTP server. When the SMTP server decides to actually forward the email onward to its destination […]