Chilkat v9.1.0 for Linux – Python 2.5, 2.6 ready for Beta testing

Download 64-bit Python 2.5: chilkat-9.1.0-Python-2.5-x86_64-linux.tar.gz 64-bit Python 2.6: chilkat-9.1.0-Python-2.6-x86_64-linux.tar.gz 32-bit Python 2.5: chilkat-9.1.0-Python-2.5-i686-linux.tar.gz 32-bit Python 2.6: chilkat-9.1.0-Python-2.6-i686-linux.tar.gz Install Instructions Login as root and decompress and unpackfrom the root (“/”) directory. su cd / gzip -dc chilkat-9.1.0-python-2.5-linux-x86_64.tar.gz | tar -xof – That’s all.  However, please read the information below to find out where the files are unpacked. If your Python install […]

Chilkat v9.1.0 for Perl 5.8, 5.10 on Linux read for Beta Testing

Downloads Perl 5.8, 64-bit: chilkat-9.1.0-Perl-5.8-x86_64-linux.tar.gz Perl 5.8, 32-bit: chilkat-9.1.0-Perl-5.8-x86-linux.tar.gz Perl 5.10, 64-bit: chilkat-9.1.0-Perl-5.10-x86_64-linux.tar.gz Perl 5.10, 32-bit: chilkat-9.1.0-Perl-5.10-x86-linux.tar.gz Install Instructions A. Decompress and unpack to any directory. gzip -dc chilkat-9.1.0-Perl-5.8-x86_64-linux.tar.gz | tar -xof – B. BUILD Go into the newly-created directory and type: perl Makefile.PL make make test C. INSTALL While still in that directory, type: make install Make sure you […]