About Self-Extracting EXE’s

A few issues relating to self-extracting EXE’s are explained here: The Purpose of a Self-Extracting EXE The purpose of a self-extracting EXE is to provide something that will extract/unpackage files such that no other software is required to be installed on the computer where it is run. Common archive file formats, such as .zip, .tar, etc., all require some sort […]

UI-less Self-Extracting EXE

The most common question regarding Chilkat self-extracting EXE’s is: How do I create a silent extractor that runs a “setup” program after extracting? Answer: Here is a sample command line that creates a silent self-extracting EXE: ChilkatZipSE -u unlockCode -a -sm -sp -nowait -r setup.exe -exe a.exe a.zip The “-r” option is used to specify the name of a setup […]