SOAP UI WSDL to Chilkat Code

This blog post describes how to generate Chilkat sample code from SOAP UI. Step 1. Download and install SoapUI from here: Step 2. Start SoapUI click on the toolbar icon to create a new SOAPUI project.   Initialize it with WSDL from a file or from a URL.  Also check the checkbox to Create TestSuite: Step 3. Click “OK” […]

HTTP Upload vs. SOAP Request (how they are different)

What is the difference between an HTTP Upload and a SOAP Request? An upload is an HTTP request that uses the multipart/form-data content-type. (All HTTP requests and responses are MIME, and the format of a given request is determined by the content-type.) A SOAP request, on the other hand, has a content-type of text/xml, which means it is composed of […]