Encrypting Chinese Characters

Question: Why is it the return is blank when encrypting chinese characters? Here’s a snippet of my code: crypt.KeyLength := 256; crypt.SecretKey := Password; crypt.CryptAlgorithm := ‘aes’; crypt.EncodingMode := ‘base64’; OutPutStr := crypt.EncryptStringENC(StringToEncrypt); Answer: Strings in some programming languages such as Visual Basic, C#, VB.NET, Delphi, Foxpro, etc. should be thought of as objects.  The object contains a string (i.e. […]

ActiveX Events IDL for (some but not all) Chilkat Components

SFtp: dispinterface _IChilkatSFtpEvents { properties: methods: [id(1), helpstring(“method PercentDone”)] HRESULT PercentDone([in] long pctDone); [id(2), helpstring(“method AbortCheck”)] HRESULT AbortCheck([out] long *abort); [id(3), helpstring(“method UploadRate”)] HRESULT UploadRate([in] long byteCount, [in] long bytesPerSec); [id(4), helpstring(“method DownloadRate”)] HRESULT DownloadRate([in] long byteCount, [in] long bytesPerSec); }; Zip: dispinterface _IChilkatZip2Events { properties: methods: HRESULT UnzipPercentDone([in] long percentDone, [out] long *abort); HRESULT WriteZipPercentDone([in] long percentDone, [out] long […]

ActiveX Events in FoxPro

ActiveX components and controls are used in many programming languages, each of which has it’s own way of handling event callbacks.  This blog post provides helpful hints about how to receive event callbacks from an ActiveX component. To receive the event, you must bind the ActiveX (also referred to as the COM server) event to the implemented interface methods on […]


The first step in debugging a Chilkat method that returns a failed status is to examine the contents of the LastErrorText property. The LastErrorText property will contain information about the last method call on the object. For example: success = mailman.SendEmail(email); textBox1.Text = mailman.LastErrorText; The LastErrorText property is standard on all Chilkat classes/objects.  The error information may also be accessed […]

Client-Side SSL/TLS Authentication

This blog post is here to clarify a very common misunderstanding. The various Chilkat components that provide SSL/TLS support also provide an option that allows a client-side digital certificate to be used with the secure connection. A certificate identifies you to the server. In 99% of cases you do not need a client certificate. It is usually not necessary for […]

How to Track Bounced Emails after Sending

Question: I am using Chilkat MailMan to send email (SMTP) in Visual Basic 6.0. I need to track the details of bounced mails, please let me know how to do this. Answer: (This answer applies not only to VB6, but to all programming languages because the Chilkat API is identical across programming languages.) Before calling mailman.SendEmail, set the email object’s […]