Asynchronous Chilkat Methods in Node.js

Chilkat implements a thread pool for asynchronous tasks in all programming languages except for Node.js. For Node.js, Chilkat tasks run directly on Node’s internal thread pool (i.e. the libuv thread pool). The Task.Run() method can have 0 or 1 arguments. If an argument is passed, it is the “task completed” callback that get called when the task has completed. Here […]

Using the Chilkat ActiveX in VB6

To use the Chilkat ActiveX in a Visual Basic 6.0 program, review each of these items to make sure you’re doing everything correctly: Make sure you’re using the 32-bit ActiveX, even on 64-bit Windows. The ActiveX must be registered (via regsvr32) on each computer.  If you’re having trouble, try using the .msi installer available here: Chilkat 32-bit ActiveX MSI Installer […]

Chilkat ActiveX MSI Installers

Chilkat may begin providing .msi installers for the 32-bit and 64-bit ActiveX components. Here are .msi installers for testing: (version Chilkat 32-bit ActiveX MSI Installer Chilkat 64-bit ActiveX MSI Installer Installing the .msi should register the ActiveX. The .msi also includes the required MSM merge module for the VC++ 2008 runtime. To check the registration, run the CheckChilkatActiveX.exe program […]

v9.5.0.52 Micro Update: New Features, Fixes, Changes, etc.

Java (including Android): Added event callback capabilities for progress monitoring. Async: Added asynchronous functionality for all qualifying methods across all programming languages, operating systems, and architectures. Each Chilkat method that can potentially be time-consuming or involve network communications, now has a corresponding asynchronous version of the method with the name ending in “Async”. Ecc: Added a new Ecc class for […]