Etsi, XAdES-BES, XAdES-EPES, FacturaE, Electronic Invoicing, etc.

Chilkat v9.5.0.75 will include features to make it easy to generate XAdES-BES and XAdES-EPES signatures for electronic invoicing and tax reporting for many countries. The goal is to provide an easy and inexpensive solution for these complicated requirements.  Chilkat has been working with customers in Spain, Italy, Hungary, India, Brazil, Costa Rica, and elsewhere to get things working smoothly.  (Contact […]

Chilkat v9.5.0.74 Release Notes

The Chilkat v9.5.0.73 release notes are available here: Chilkat v9.5.0.73 Release Notes The Chilkat v9.5.0.74 release was only for the Node.js and Electron builds. It was required to support the release of the latest versions of Electron and Node.js The .74 release will be skipped for all other programming languages.

HMAC Hex Key Ambiguity

This happens all the time.. Quite often, a service provider will provide instructions for HMAC generation, and will provide a hexadecimal HMAC key in the example, such as: 01A0251D601FEF3305A38B124068A001CF3F099AA187DB2886314C67CDFDEBCD This is implicitly ambiguous because there are two ways to interpret the instructions: 1) The HMAC key is composed of the ascii bytes ‘0’, ‘1’, ‘A’, ‘0’, ‘2’, ‘5’, etc. In […]

POP3 Error: No X-UIDL header found

The Chilkat MailMan class can fetch emails from a POP3 server in two ways: by sequence number, or by UIDL. When an email is fetched by UIDL, or fetched in a way such that a full mapping of UIDL’s to sequence numbers was retrieved, Chilkat will add an “X-UIDL” header to the Email object that is returned. This allows for […]