PHP dl() function?

Question: My developer tells me that the Chilkat extension uses an insecure function dl(), which has not only been deprecated since PHP 5.3, but has actually been removed from some server installations of PHP, due to major security issues. Is this something that you’re aware of? Is there a workaround? Is there an updated extension coming at some point? Answer: […]

Generate XAdES-BES with .pem, .cer, or .pfx?

Question: The examples refer to a type certificate or “.pfx”.  My certificate is a “.pem” or “.cer” file. Can I generate an XAdES-BES enveloped digital signature to insert in my xml file? Which method should I use to load the certificate into memory and apply the password? Answer: A private key is needed to create a digital signature.  The .pfx […]

Go Language Static Linking to remove libstdc++ Requirement

Question: I used compiler from here for windows: I built the application I described earlier. Looks like I have to supply libstdc++.dll along with the exe. Is it possible to build everything statically ? Answer: Yes, see here: Specifically: $ go build –ldflags ‘-extldflags “-static”‘ file.go    

Using Chilkat Python in AWS Lambda

Question: Do you know of an easy way to package up the python chilkat so that AWS Lambda supports it? Answer (Generously provided by Chilkat’s customer) “It ended up being easier than expected. Just untar the chilkat python download you provide, cd into the dir and zip the contents. With that zip file you can provide that to AWS Lambda […]

Ftp2 AuthTls, AuthSsl, and Ssl Properties Clarified

Question: We are about using Chilkat C++ library for an FTPS connection.  I read on online documentation that there is method CkFtp2::put_AuthTls which allows setting TLS connection. Some questions about client behavior according to this method: if we don’t call this method, transmission is in clear text? Is it equivalent to CkFtp2::put_AuthTls(false)? If  we call this method with parameter true […]

C++ Builder 2007: Unresolved external ‘__fseeki64’

Question: I work with C++ Builder There are no problems with chilkatLib in IDE version XE8 but I still have some code in C++ Builder 2007 Is it possible to solve this case somehow: [ilink32 Error] Error: Unresolved external ‘__fseeki64’ referenced from LIB-WIN32\CHILKAT_CLASSIC_WIN32.LIB|ChilkatHandle ? Answer: The Chilkat static library for C++ Builder not intended for C++ Builder 2007, so it’s […]

TLS Connection Disrupted after Handshake Completes

The following error can be caused by firewall restrictions. I do not know the specifics of the firewall restrictions, but the TLS connection completes successfully in the prior call to Chilkat.Rest.Connect().    In other words, the TLS handshake completes successfully and then the firewall closes (or blocks) the connection.   ChilkatLog: FullRequestFormUrlEncoded: DllDate: Jul 24 2019 ChilkatVersion: UnlockPrefix: Start […]

Delphi DLL – GetBytesPtr (Writing PByte to TStream)

Chilkat v9.5.0.80 adds a new BinData function named GetBytesPtr.   It returns a pointer to the internal bytes contained within the BinData.   This post shows one way of writing those bytes to a Delphi TStream (using the Chilkat non-ActiveX Delphi DLL). procedure TForm1.Button2Click(Sender: TObject); var rawBytes: PByte; ItemCount: Integer; binDat: HCkBinData; Stream: TMemoryStream; Writer: TBinaryWriter; byteArr: TBytes; numBytes: Integer; i: Integer; […]