Bit4id Digital-DNA 0

Chilkat added support for the Bit4id Digital-DNA Identity device.   ( The easiest way to use the device for signing within applications is via the Chilkat.Cert.LoadFromSmartcard method. At the time of this writing (28-July-2022) the latest version of Chilkat (v9.5.0.91) does not yet support this device.  If v9.5.0.92 or later is not yet released, you can request a pre-release build by […]

Support for Cryptographic card cryptoCertum 3.5

Chilkat recently added support for the cryptoCertum 3.5 smartcard (and also for cryptoCertum3, and cryptoCertum3.2). At the time of this writing (13-July-2022), the support is available in a pre-release of the next version of Chilkat (v9.5.0.92) We have it working on Windows, but should also be able to get it working on Linux and MacOS.    

AKD eID Cards of the Republic of Croatia

Chilkat is going to begin posting about the ongoing work with customers involving smart cards and tokens used for signing PDFs and XML invoices, etc. Currently, Chilkat is working with a customer to resolve issues having to do with signing PDFs using AKD eID Card for the Republic of Croatia. This is for PKCS11 (AKD eID Middleware PKCS11). The hope […]