Use CURL to Chilkat Source Code Generator

Question According to the Sonar API documentation at, this is an example of how to run a query to their GraphQL. It looks a little different than your example because all it wants to authenticate is an access token which I already have. Do you have any examples similar to this using vbscript or vb6? curl -X POST \ […]

New Example for Paraguay E-Invoicing (SIFEN)

See this new example for signing XML E-invoices for Paraguay — SISTEMA INTEGRADO DE FACTURACIÓN ELECTRÓNICA NACIONAL (SIFEN). AutoIt Paraguay eInvoice XML Digital Signature C Paraguay eInvoice XML Digital Signature Python Paraguay eInvoice XML Digital Signature C++ Paraguay eInvoice XML Digital Signature C# Paraguay eInvoice XML Digital Signature DataFlex Paraguay eInvoice XML Digital Signature Delphi Paraguay eInvoice XML Digital Signature […]

Solving CryptoCard Graphite Plus Smart Card Signing Problems

Information about the CryptoCard Graphite Plus smartcard is located at,content.html “The card works closely with the new edition of the CryptoCard Suite software dedicated to it, which allows you to manage the content of the card and mediates in communication between programs using the card (logging into operating systems, e-mail programs, web browsers or signing applications) and the card […]

Office365 POP3 Authenticate Fails but Previously Succeeded

It’s normal for OAuth2 access tokens to expire after some time, such as 1 hour, and then you’ll need to refresh and retry. For example, this error in the LastErrorText for a call to Pop3Authenticate could indicate the OAuth2 accces token expired: Pop3Authenticate: DllDate: Mar 28 2023 ChilkatVersion: UnlockPrefix: *** Architecture: Little Endian; 32-bit Language: ActiveX VerboseLogging: 1 Pop3Authenticate: […]

AES-CMAC Keyed Hash Algorithm

The AES-CMAC keyed hash function, see, has been added to Chilkat for the next version release (v9.5.0.95). Here are some examples: AutoIt AES-CMAC C AES-CMAC Python AES-CMAC C++ AES-CMAC C# AES-CMAC DataFlex AES-CMAC Delphi AES-CMAC Visual FoxPro AES-CMAC Go AES-CMAC Java AES-CMAC Objective-C AES-CMAC Perl AES-CMAC PHP ActiveX AES-CMAC PHP AES-CMAC PowerBuilder AES-CMAC PowerShell AES-CMAC Swift AES-CMAC Tcl AES-CMAC […]

Getting an OAuth2 access token using “client credentials” does not require interactivity with a browser

The “client credentials” OAuth2 flow is allowed by many REST API’s for the case where a program is running in a non-interactive environment. It’s simply an HTTP POST where the client_id and client_secret are sent, and the OAuth2 access token is returned. If you have a sample CURL statement that demonstrates how to do it, you can generate Chilkat source […]