POP3 and SMTP multithread-safe?

Question: Is your component fully threadable? Is it thread safe to use in a multithreaded application? Does it Supports multiple (simultaneous) connections? Answer: Yes, it’s safe for multi-threading. However, you cannot have several threads all trying to share the same POP3 or SMTP session at the same time because they would all interfere with each other — for example, one […]

Download for Vista x64 (64-bit Microsoft Vista)

Question: I get an error when trying to load ChilkatDotNet2.dll on Vista x64: An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. Does Chilkat have an x64-compatible .NET assembly? Answer: Yes, download the x64-compatible DLL from this URL: x64 compatible ChilkatDotNet2.dll Make sure you deploy the x64 DLL to the 64-bit Vista system. You may develop your […]

SMTP Protocol (in a Nutshell)

Question: SendMime requires a from  and  recipients address string, but the MIME message contains both .  The message I receive from the SendMime seems to ignore the addresses in the call and uses the one in the MIME.  So why require a from and recipient address? Answer: The SMTP protocol works like this: 1) A client connects to an SMTP […]

FTP Proxy Methods

Question: I need to connect to an ftp server and have to use the following command: ftp://username:password@hosname That means I’m not able to use the standard connection (first connect to host, then enter username and then password).  Is this possible using the Chilkat FTP2 component? Answer: Yes.  There are a number of different FTP proxy methods used by different types […]

Re-Sending Received Cookies with Subsequent HTTP GET’s

I’ve read information on your site about how to get the content at a URL and save it as an XML document. Below is a portion of the code to give you an idea of what I am referring to. String html = http.QuickGetStr(http://www.hocuspocus.com); … htmlToXml.WriteScriptToFile(xml, “out.xml”, “iso-8859-1”); My question is this: What if one cannot directly access the URL […]

An error occurred on the server when processing the URL.

If you receive this error message from IIS7 on Vista: An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the system administrator Do the following at the IIS Manager to get a more meaningful message: 1. Select the web site from the tree on the left and click on the “ASP” icon 2. Expand the “Debugging Properties” […]

Can Ftp2.SyncLocalTree be progress monitored?

The FTP2 component’s SyncLocalTree method downloads an entire directory tree from an FTP server to the local filesystem. There are several modes of operation: mode=0: Download all files mode=1: Download all files that do not exist on the local filesystem. mode=2: Download newer or non-existant files. mode=3: Download only newer files. If a file does not already exist on the […]