Chilkat C++ Class Thread Safety

Are Chilkat C++ classes thread safe? Should I use a guard, such as a mutex, in multi-threaded code? Answer: Yes, Chilkat C++ classes are thread-safe, meaning they can be safely used in a multi-threaded environment. Chilkat ensures that only one thread can access an object instance at a time. For instance, if both thread A and thread B attempt to […]

Create JWT using EdDSA (Ed25519) Private Key

Chilkat added the ability to create JWT’s using Ed25519 private keys. See: AutoIt Create JWT Using Ed25519 Private Key (EdDSA) C Create JWT Using Ed25519 Private Key (EdDSA) Python Create JWT Using Ed25519 Private Key (EdDSA) C++ Create JWT Using Ed25519 Private Key (EdDSA) C# Create JWT Using Ed25519 Private Key (EdDSA) DataFlex Create JWT Using Ed25519 Private Key (EdDSA) […]

Helping with old programming environments where string lengths are limited, such as Microsoft Navision

Many Chilkat methods have string arguments, and return strings. In some cases, the strings can be long. There are older programming environments such as Microsoft Navision, SQL Server, and others where string lengths have limits. These older programming languages support ActiveX, and programmers utilize Chilkat via the ActiveX DLL. To get around the string limitation issues, rather than directly passing […]

Using Microsoft Graph API HTTP Request/Response Documentation to Generate Code

This blog post describes how to use the raw HTTP request/response samples provided in the Microsoft Graph API documentation to generate Chilkat source code in your chosen programming language. First, let’s have a look at one particular request. This is the “Create call” action found in the Teamwork and Communications –> Calls and online meetings –> Calls –> Call documentation […]

Use CURL to Chilkat Source Code Generator

Question According to the Sonar API documentation at, this is an example of how to run a query to their GraphQL. It looks a little different than your example because all it wants to authenticate is an access token which I already have. Do you have any examples similar to this using vbscript or vb6? curl -X POST \ […]

New Example for Paraguay E-Invoicing (SIFEN)

See this new example for signing XML E-invoices for Paraguay — SISTEMA INTEGRADO DE FACTURACIÓN ELECTRÓNICA NACIONAL (SIFEN). AutoIt Paraguay eInvoice XML Digital Signature C Paraguay eInvoice XML Digital Signature Python Paraguay eInvoice XML Digital Signature C++ Paraguay eInvoice XML Digital Signature C# Paraguay eInvoice XML Digital Signature DataFlex Paraguay eInvoice XML Digital Signature Delphi Paraguay eInvoice XML Digital Signature […]

What to do if Chilkat.Cert.LoadFromSmartcard Fails?

Here are the initial steps to follow to determine the reason why LoadFromSmartcard failed. Make sure to set the Cert,SmartCardPin property prior to calling LoadFromSmartcard. Make sure you are using the very latest version of Chilkat.  Chilkat’s internal intelligence regarding the options and choices to be made for different smartcard makes/models evolves with each new version. Assuming the failure persists […]

Solving CryptoCard Graphite Plus Smart Card Signing Problems

Information about the CryptoCard Graphite Plus smartcard is located at,content.html “The card works closely with the new edition of the CryptoCard Suite software dedicated to it, which allows you to manage the content of the card and mediates in communication between programs using the card (logging into operating systems, e-mail programs, web browsers or signing applications) and the card […]