MHT and EML are both MIME

Question: I have added HTML email file support (thanks to your excellent examples and library), but I have a question. It appears that it might be easier for the end user to save their things they want to email as a MHT file instead of HTML out of MS-Word. That way they have one file to deal with. So is […]

Sending SMS Text Messages via Email-to-SMS Gateways

ASP: Send SMS Message SQL Server: Send SMS Message C#: Send SMS Message C++: Send SMS Message MFC: Send SMS Message C: Send SMS Message Delphi: Send SMS Message Visual FoxPro: Send SMS Message Java: Send SMS Message Perl: Send SMS Message PHP: Send SMS Message Python: Send SMS Message Ruby: Send SMS Message VB.NET: Send SMS Message Visual Basic: […]

Understanding BCC (Blind Carbon Copy)

When an email is sent with BCC recipients, the BCC email addresses are not listed in the header.   The “To” recipients are listed in the “To” header field, and the “CC” recipients are listed in the “CC” header field, but the BCC recipients are intentionally left out.  This is what makes it a “blind” carbon copy — the recipients are […]

Appending to an email body

Here is a C# example to append more text to an email’s body: Chilkat.Email email = new Chilkat.Email(); bool success = email.LoadEml(“in.eml”); if (!success) { textBox1.Text = email.LastErrorText; return; } // Does this email have a plain-text body? if (email.HasPlainTextBody()) { string s = email.GetPlainTextBody(); s += “\r\nMore text appended to the email’s plain-text body.”; // Replace the plain-text body: […]

Email Attachment Not Found?

The following is a list of the most common mistakes made when expecting to find an attachment in an email object: You downloaded headers-only.  If you call a method to download only the headers of an email, then the attachments will not be included.  With IMAP you will still get information about the attachments, but with POP3 you will not […]

Possible to use Email in non-HTML Mode Only?

Question: Is it possible to use the email component in non-HTML mode only? For instance, I don’t want to be seeing HTML in the .Body after downloading the message from the server. Answer: Any given email can have a plain-text body, an HTML body, or both. The emailObject.Body property will contain the HTML body if present, or the plain-text body […]

Verify Email Delivery?

Question: Is it possible to check if an email is delivered properly? Answer: The Chilkat MailMan is an SMTP client. It connects to an SMTP server to initiate the delivery of email. Typically you would connect to your company’s or ISP’s SMTP server. If the email is to be sent elsewhere, the SMTP server relays the email to the remote […]

Scan/Replace Text in Email Body in C++

This example may help C++ programmers needing to scan email bodies for strings and automatically replace: void EmailBodyExample(void) { CkEmail email; // Set the plain-text and HTML alternative bodies. // Note: Because we’re using literal strings, the strings passed // to these methods are ANSI strings (i.e. they are 1-byte per char // in this case). email.AddPlainTextAlternativeBody(“á, é, í, ó, […]

Multipart/signed Email Handling

When a signed and/or encrypted email is loaded from a file or downloaded from a mail server, it is automatically verified and/or decrypted.   The results are stored in various properties of the email object, and the email object is available in its unencrypted/unsigned form.  This means that your application can process signed/encrypted emails in the same way as non-signed/non-encrypted email.  […]

MS-Word document as body of email?

Question: My question is how to I send the contents of a MS-Word document as the body of the email (not as an attachment)? Answer: You cannot. Most email clients (Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.) are not capable of displaying MS-Word documents directly. (I’m not sure if Outlook does, I’ve never tested it…) Therefore, you would want to save your MS-Word […]