Chilkat 9.0.3 Release Notes

SMTP (MailMan) Added the MailMan.SendMimeBytes method to allow for sending the exact MIME source of an email from a byte array. This is useful for emails that have 8bit encodings. (With ActiveX, byte arrays are passed as Variants containing a byte array.) This method is also useful for sending DKIM signed email, because the output of the Chilkat.Dkim signature creation […]

Chilkat 9.0.2 Release Notes

RSA Fixed PEM to XML conversion so that XML is compatible with .NET Framework’s XML requirements. Fixed RSA key generation. In some cases, RSA generated keys were not valid. Verified key acceptance and signature matching between Chilkat, OpenSSL, and .NET MIME / DKIM Fixed DKIM and DomainKeys signature generation. Tested and verified DKIM / DomainKeys signatures in emails sent to […]

Chilkat 9.0.0 Release Notes

Crypt2 Added “UU” and “Base32” to the encoding and decoding capabilities.  Any method ending in “ENC” may now encode to/from UU and Base32.   The encoding is controlled by the EncodingMode property, which allows for these new encodings, as well as all of the existing ones — Hex, Base64, Quoted-Printable, URL, etc. Added EncodeString and DecodeString methods. Added UuMode and UuFilename […]

v8.8.0 Release Notes

The major new features/fixes for the 8-February-2009 release are: SOCKS4, SOCKS5 Proxy Support for POP3, SMTP, IMAP, FTP, MHT, HTTP, and Socket. The following properties have been added to each component for SOCKS4/SOCKS5 support: SocksHostname, SocksPort, SocksUsername, SocksPassword, and SocksVersion (4 or 5). Setting these properties to non-empty values is all that is required to use SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 proxies. […]

Release Notes for 3-November-2008 Update

New versions of most Chilkat components were released on 3-November-2008. This blog post lists the major changes and new features. For those components with no apparent changes, minor new versions are released to take advantage of any underlying improvements in the internal (Chilkat) libs that form the base of all Chilkat products. New Products, Features, and Fixes Chilkat SSH / […]

Chilkat v8.6.0.0 New Features

Chilkat v8.6.0.0 is being released today. Here’s a list of the major new features/fixes. Documentation and new examples will appear soon after the new version is available at Zip: ZIP64 extensions are now supported. There is effectively no limitation on the size of individual files that can be zipped or unzipped. There is also no limitation for the total […]