Auto-Reconnect Feature of Chilkat.Rest Explained

This post is to explain the auto-reconnect argument in the Chilkat.Rest.Connect method.  For example, the Rest.Connect method in C#. The Chilkat REST class is designed so that your application initially connects to a particular web server (at a particular port, with or without TLS), and then one or more requests can be sent. If the auto-connect argument was set to […]

Progress Monitoring HTTP Requests in Installed Apps

This is a note about the pitfalls of progress monitoring HTTP requests sent from an installed app (i.e. not web app running in a browser). Ideally, we’d like to know how long an HTTP POST is going to take, and update the percent-completed visually so that when it reaches 100% the operation is neatly finished as indicated.  This turns out […]

PayPal REST API OAuth2 Authentication

There’s a lot of confusion about exactly what login/password (or clientID/clientSecret) is to be used for obtaining an OAuth2 access token for PayPal REST API calls. PayPal uses simple HTTP Basic authentication (protected by a TLS connection) to obtain an access token.   Using the Chilkat Rest library, your application would provide the credentials in this way (in pseudo-code) rest.SetAuthBasic(“CLIENT_ID”, […]