Matching MySQL’s AES_ENCRYPT Functions

The following example programs demonstrate how to match MySQL’s AES_ENCRYPT function in different programming languages: ASP: Match MySQL AES_ENCRYPT Function SQL Server: Match MySQL AES_ENCRYPT Function C#: Match MySQL AES_ENCRYPT Function C++: Match MySQL AES_ENCRYPT Function MFC: Match MySQL AES_ENCRYPT Function C: Match MySQL AES_ENCRYPT Function Delphi: Match MySQL AES_ENCRYPT Function Visual FoxPro: Match MySQL AES_ENCRYPT Function Java: Match MySQL […]

HTTP Cookies created by Javascript

Question: My site has Google analytics (each page includes urchin.js), but when I use the Chilkat HTTP component, I don’t see the cookies. I can see the cookies using FireFox. What’s the problem? Answer: Cookies may be sent by the server via the Set-Cookie header. Chilkat HTTP looks for this header in the HTTP response and collects the cookies. It […]

Matching Bounce/DSN with Original Sent Email

Question: Given that bounced email / DSN’s may not include the original headers, if I need to uniquely identify that the specific email didn’t make it to the recipient is there any way I can uniquely ID the email? I would use this info to know when to resend the email. Answer: Sometimes you’ll receive bounces that conform to DSN […]

Debugging HTTP Upload

HTTP upload requires code both client-side and server-side code to be functioning correctly. Imagine you are trying to do an HTTP upload from your application (using the Chilkat Upload component) and something is not working. How do you debug? Is the client-side application at fault? Is the Chilkat Upload component not working correctly? Is the server-side code that receives the […]

SFTP – Change Current Directory

Question: I need to change directory before uploading (like a cd) since files must be copied into server sub-directories, and I’ve not found any sample or idea ( no ChangeDir or similar). Answer: SFTP is Secure File Transfer over SSH. It is not the FTP protocol. There is no similarity or relationship between FTP and SFTP. Therefore, concepts such as […]

IIS 6.0 Upload Size Limit

The AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed Metabase Property (IIS 6.0) specifies the maximum number of bytes allowed in the entity body of an ASP request. The default value is 2MB. To upload files greater than this size, this IIS metabase property must be changed on the server.

Understanding SFTP Absolute FilePaths

Given that your SFTP client might be communicating with servers on different operating systems, what is the proper syntax for an absolute filepath? On a Linux system, there is no “C” drive. Let’s do some experimentation…. For this experiment, we have two SSH servers: 1) A Tectia server running on a Windows platform. 2) An OpenSSH server running on Ubuntu […]

Block Encryption Algorithms and Encoding

Question: In our application we have the need to encrypt a 19 character simple string value. When running through the sample test program I found that the resulting encrypted string varied in size from at least 44 to 64 characters depending on the encoding type parameter. Is there a way to generate an encrypted value that will generate a string […]

Hidden IMAP Mailboxes

Question: I developed a mail client who download mail messages from a Cyrus IMAP server. The INBOX mailbox has some “children”. Some of them are defined as hidden, then using e-mail client such as Outlook express or Thunderbird they are not shown while on my client, ListMailboxes(“”,”*”) method (CkImap class) detect them and my application display them. How can I […]