OAuth2 Client Credentials – Azure App Registration

This post shows how to register an Azure Application that supports OAuth2 Client Credentials. 1. Register an Application You’ll most likely choose a single-tenant application.  (See explanation of Azure single-tenant vs multi-tenant applications.) You can leave the Redirect URI blank. 2. Note your Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID Make note of your client ID and tenant ID.  It […]

OAuth2 Client Credentials – for when YOUR application is accessing resources in YOUR account (not somebody else’s)

OAuth2 Client Credentials can be used for authentication when you own the application, and you also own the account (such as Office 365, or Google, etc.) that your application will access. In other words, YOUR application is simply accessing resources in YOUR account, and YOU are the application user (or your application is running as a service or background process). […]

How to Create Microsoft Graph App (in Azure Portal) for Client Credentials Authentication

1) Go to https://portal.azure.com/#home and login to your Microsoft account. Then click on Azure Active Directory 2) Click on “App registrations” Copy your Tenant ID, you’ll need it later. 3) Click on “+ New registration” 4) Name Your App and Click Register Give it a name (can be anything) and click Register.  Given that the intended authentication is by client […]